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The trading shed (photo on left) offers many gardening requisites at very attractive prices.

You’ll find it on the lane that leads to the Bulmershe allotments. Heading towards Woodley from St. Peter’s church, just past the bridge and Mays Close, there is a lane leading to the allotments and the trading shed on the right, by a bus shelter. (There used to be a sign, on the left, but that disappeared a few years ago!) There is ample room to park, about 50 yards beyond the shed, on the left.

Opening times are shown in the heading of the newsletter.

Since introducing card sales, we must ensure we only sell goods to members of the society. This is to comply with money-laudering laws. The easiest way is to show your membership card. Next best is to find your name in the list of members held in the shed.

If we cannot identify you, we are not allowed to sell goods to you.

It is helpful if you ensure you have change as we only carry a small float. Also, if you are getting heavy items, please try to bring someone to help with the lifting. Most shed helpers are not in the first flush of youth!

Trading Shed