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Joining ERHS

Records of members are kept by the Membership Secretary (see contacts.)

The current fee is just £3.00 for the whole year which starts in April. However, if you join after we close the trading shed for the winter break, which is roughly mid-December to mid-January, we only charge £1.00 for the rest of the ERHS year (up to and including March). You would then renew as usual during April.

A convenient way to join is to visit the Trading Shed. We always keep a stock of membership forms and cards there.

Another way is to attend any of our talks. A few forms and cards are kept with the raffle things.

Alternatively, you may apply directly to the Membership Secretary. A suitable form for this purpose, with notes on how to complete it and how to proceed, can be obtained here. The Privacy Policy referred to on the form can be found in Documents/Misc.

When it comes to time to renew, if you live on a distributor’s round, they will try to collect your renewal fee, and supply the new membership card, when they take out the April newsletter (whether or not you get a paper copy.) If they are unable to catch you at home, you will need to renew (and get the new membership card) at the Trading Shed.

NOTE: Membership extends to immediate family members, so they are welcome to use the Trading Shed, attend functions and enter shows. We often include classes for children to exhibit and, with the number of entrants in these classes being relatively low, there’s a good chance of being placed.