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A few documents have been gathered together, in this area, which may be of use or interest.

Newsletters are issued every month. We try to complete each edition as close as possible to the end of the previous month, at which time it is printed for those people who wish to have a paper copy delivered.

We have quite a large army of volunteers who have a walk around their neighbourhood each month to make these deliveries (usually during the first week of each month.)

Once the newsletter has been printed, copies are emailed to those members who have opted to receive them by that means. These members, therefore, get the newsletter before the start of the new month, as a general rule, and also in colour.

Up to 18 editions, usually including the most recent, are available to view or download from the Newsletters page.

Free advertisements from members are accepted for inclusion in the newsletter.

See the Advertise page for details.

The “Joining” page explains how you can join the society and has a link to download a form you may use.

The “Misc.” page contains any other documents that we think may be of use to members.